10p and 2p double sided coins


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Double side coins, available in 10p format or 2p format.

Both formats available in double tails or double heads

Buy a tails coin and a heads of either 10p format or 2p format and get both coins for £15 , normally £10 Each

Or all 4 ,1 heads 2p, 1 tails 2p, 1 heads 10p and 1 tails 10p for only £27,  £40 if bought individually.

Comes complete with a very simple routine to get you started.

Additional information

double sided coins

10p double heads, 10p double tails, 2p double heads, 2p Double tails, 10p double heads and tails 2 coins, 2p double heads and tails 2 coins, All 4 coins 1 of each for £27


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