Harry Robson Easy Rough Roughing Stick


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Harry Robson is now manufacturing his own roughing sticks. An excellent utility tool that is coveted by card professionals. This is the simple and perfect way to rough your own cards!

No more messy sprays – no more liquids – simply rub cards with the roughing stick and you are good to go!


There is enough supplied for hundreds of cards. Comes with detailed instructions, and illustrations that teach you how to apply it. NOTE: PRODUCT SIZE AND SHAPE SUBJECT TO CHANGE BUT VOLUME IS THE SAME.


The item you get looks a bit like a pencil rubber, it normally takes one quick pass of the stick on a card to rough it so thats less than a second and there is no drying time.

How long it will last will depend on how mad you go with it, if you rubbed a pencil rubber too much it will wear away quickly

I have done a deck to test this and my stick has a small chamfer on it’s edge just like a rubber would wear.

I suspect it will last for at least 100 decks depending on how you use it which is far cheaper, quicker and easier than spray (not to mention toxic fumes and overspray & mess).


Please note the item you are buying here is the original Harry Robson Easy Roughing Stick not the Vanishing Inc product which is a different item.


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