Monochrome Suprise


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Effect The Magician shows two Chips one in each hand, one black and one white, both hands are closed and then opened again, the two chips have changed places, this is repeated a couple of times, it’s obvious to the spectators that all the magician is doing is turning the chips over, so the Magician offers to prove this not the case, he takes out a playing card and places one chip on each side of the card, and the chips appear to change places, again the magician is once again accused of just turning the chips over, the card is removed from between the two chips, the chips are shown to be completely different colours on the opposite side, then the chips are handed to the spectator for examination, the spectator discovers the the chips have changed on all four sides into four different colors.

Precision engineered in the UK from Brass.
Comes Complete with a specially deigned leather wallet, for storage when not in use, also makes the reset quick and easy.


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