Royal Exchange




A fan of 4 cards are shown, 2 face down cards with 2 red face up kings sandwiched between them, the fan of cards is then closed and the packet is pushed through your hands, when theĀ  cards are spread again, the kings are seen to have changed to black kings. You then point out that most people think that the face down cards are the other kings. then the 2 face down cards are shown to be red Aces. Once again the fan is closed and the cards are once more pushed through your hand. when the cards once again spread 2 black aces appear between 2 face down cards. Once again you point out that most people think the 2 face down card are the kings. both the face down cards are then shown to be red aces, all four cards are then shown back and front the kings have completely Vanished.

Comes with custom printed gimmicks on bicycle stock, you supply the 2 normal red aces.

Available with written instructions detailing a super easy but very effective routine or with DVD Explaining a more advanced handling plus a routine using a full deck, where the deck is spread at the end revealing the four missing kings face up in the face down spread.

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royal exchange

super easy, with written instructions, Advanced Handling with DVD


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