Tenyo The Ninja Experiment T132


Tenyo The Ninja Experiment T132

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Tenyo The Ninja Experiment T132

by Shigeru Sugawara (1987)A simple frame holds a solid panel, in which there are two and only two holes. You explain that this ” experiment” is based upon the mysticism praticed by the fabled Ninja, who, through practice and concentration, could cause matter to penetrate matter. The frame is dropped into a handsome case and three, not two, pencils are thrust through the panel. Two pencils are removed leaving only the bottom pencil. The pencil is lifted straight upwards: it melts through the panel emerging in the top hole! This trick will fool you unless you know how it is done. The props are gorgeous, and the secret is a killer. And even when you know the secret, you will still find it hard to believes what your eyes are witnessing! Your eyes will deceive you!This trick is adored by magicians and over time it has became rare and highly sought by fans because of its sleek design and also because the effect is stunning and original.THIS ORIGINAL TENYO TRICK IS NOW VERY RARE In near PERFECT condition complete with original instructions. Original pencils replaced with three pieces of dowel see images

Has no original Packaging or pencils


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